Get your Match Percentage!

YesForJob automatically matches your profile to all jobs using a percentage score from highest to lowest.
No more searching through hundreds of jobs that don't make sense for you!

How well do you Rank?

How's the competition? YesForJob will tell you upfront how you rank amongst others who have applied!
Its the type of feedback you've been looking for!

Get instant notifications like never before!

YesForJob gives you real-time notifications when your profile is viewed by employers, when you've been shortlisted for a job, when you've been favourited.
No more waiting around without feedback!

Chat directly with Employers

YesForJob allows employers directly start a live chat with you. Even if you're on your mobile!
Being reachable will help the cause!

Built-in Shortlisting Like Never before!

YesForJob will automatically shortlist all your potential candidates based on a match percentage score.
No more wasting time smothering through hundreds of resumes!

Change it up with Power Filters.

Employers can use multiple filter options to customize their candidate shortlist.
Get picky, choose the perfect candidate!

Have a quick chat!

YesForJob gives you a built-in, easy-to-use chat functionality to pre-screen, have quick chats, or book an interview with your candidates.
Your time is important so ask some questions upfront!

Passive Seekers are Important!

We let employers find top-matched candidates for a job posting - even if the candidate hasn't applied to the job!
The perfect candidate is out there! They just may now know it yet!

Let's Get Your Career Started.

YesForJob will help you find the job of your dreams.

"The intelligent matching and ranking encourages the candidates to now apply to jobs that best highlight their skills and thus increases their potential to land the perfect job."
COSMOS - Dhaka Bangladesh
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