The future of online recruiting and job matching has arrived.

Through intelligent and elegant simplification, YesForJob is revolutionizing the experience of shortlisting for job seekers and employers.

The 2-Way' Match Percentage

Our mission is to create stronger and better connections for seekers and employers. This powerful 'match percentage' tool provides each individual job seeker a match percentage to all the jobs posted based on their profile.

The percentile rank

Even before applying for a job, YesForJob will let job seekers know where they rank amongst those who've already applied for that one job, thereby providing a percentile rank and user feedback that didn't exist before.

The chat feature

Employers can chat directly with prospective candidates to pre-screen and save valuable time. This feature drastically enhances the communication and provides a very powerful engagement experience for all.

Portfolio & Video Resume

These powerful features allow employers the ability to evaluate certain skills up front and therefore reduces the amount of time spent on conducting unqualified interviews. Seekers get to show off their soft skills like never before!

The Present

We are excited to be launching in sunny, South Florida.

Through some incredible partnerships, we are embarking on an amazing journey to help connect fresh graduates and interns to employers that are looking for their specific skill set.

We are thrilled to be collaborating with many top colleges and universities to help thousands of students rise from their feet and thrive in the professional world.

The Future

Our goal is to create as many meaningful interactions as possible between job seekers and employers; to genuinely provide a rewarding job-hunt or candidate-hunt experience.

The YesForJob platform will be made available across America. We have strong partnerships and vigorous expansion plans in several other countries around the world. Stay tuned, we're coming to help you find your next best match!

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