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Built-in Shortlisting.

Stop wasting your time

YesForJob will automatically shortlist all your potential candidates based on a match percentage score. No more wasting time smothering through hundreds of resumes!

Have a quick chat!

Just another way to save you time

YesForJob gives you a built-in, easy-to-use chat functionality to pre-screen, have quick chats, or book an interview with your candidates. Your time is important so ask some questions upfront!

Access to Portfolios

The past experience.

Allowing people to post their portfolios means you can see examples of their past work, and how their references and experience would bring value to the position being filled.

Video Resumes

Get a unique insight.

Video resumes allow you to get to know the candidates a little better, and see how their personalities would connect with yours. Small mannerisms can speak volumes!

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